Sari Dress Tent Interior Photograph

Sari Dress Tent Interior Photograph


Sari Dress Tent Interior (featuring donated saris), 2018
8” x 10” Glossy C-Print Photograph: $100 each

Support the community which contributed so much to the Sari Dress Tent project! A percentage of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit Maitri and EnActe.

Maitri is a free, confidential non-profit empowering South Asian survivors of domestic abuse, elder abuse, trafficking, or cultural displacement.

EnActe Arts develops and presents contemporary theater, which explores relevant social and political themes rooted in the South Asian experience while providing a platform for the community to experience and grow personally and professionally through the arts.

For 30x36 or 40x48 exhibition prints in smaller editions, please contact me here.

Shipping in the U.S. is included. International Shipping +$25. Please allow 4 weeks for shipping.

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