The Dashboard Hula Girl Dress Tent brings the iconic and popular souvenir to life in an immersive installation. We play with this stereotype and exaggerate it, making it larger than life. Upon closer inspection we understand another level of the part-Hawaiian experience.  We invite the viewer inside the tent to find text and chanting that reveals a family story. The Search for Aunty Keahi explores genealogy and a piece of real hula history of Dinah Gomes Sylvester Pao (artist Adrienne Keahi Pao's tutu) who spent many years training in hula and being partially raised by Aunty Keahi Luahine in Kaka’ako. Stepping back and viewing the outside of the installation, a viewer may wonder if this is kitsch or kin.

Smithsonian APAC, ‘Ae Kai Culture Lab
Old Foodland – Ala Moana Center, Honolulu 2017
Photoshoot at Fort DeRussy Beach Park, Waikiki 2017

Adrienne Pao